Teaching Career

I taught English as a second language for over 5 years in both Costa Rica and New Orleans. I have taught children as young as 5 years old, adults in their 70s, and all ages in between. When teaching, I had students from all over the world, speaking scores of different languages. Some of my students knew some English, making communication easy. Some of my students did not know any English at all, forcing me to rely on pictures, gestures, and translations in order to teach.

Other teaching experience includes one year as a part time teacher in the Recovery School District in New Orleans. There I taught mathematics to small groups of eighth graders.

Currently, I am a personal trainer. And although my job title is technically trainer, I consider a large part of what I do teaching. I teach people how to exercise properly. I teach them a lot about how their body works. I teach them principles of exercise, strength, flexibility, metabolic conditioning, and much more.

Teaching is something that all of us do whether we know it or not. It is a job that I am very proud of and take very seriously.