Principles of Training – Active Recovery

Principles of Training – Active Recovery

I’m a big fan of working out every day. The only way I can do that without over training is by doing what I call active recovery workouts. I definitely did not invent this, but I don’t know what other people call it.

Basically, an active recovery workout is any type of movement session that does not hinder your body’s recovery process. For me, this includes flexibility training, tai chi, Thai Yoga, massage, and anything else that does not tax my nervous system.

Instead of exhausting you, these types of workouts actually speed up your recovery process. Moving gently, getting massage, and stretching all increase blood flow throughout your body, delivering nutrients to the parts of your body that need to recuperate. Softer workouts can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to relax.

We all need balance. By including a variety of workouts, soft and hard, in your weekly routine, you can workout 6-7 days a week. Most people think this is absurd, but if done right, you can maximize your personal level of fitness and wellbeing.

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