Mentally Tough

The internal conflict of both wanting to and not wanting to exercise is very common. Both athletes and nonathletes alike wake up everyday and doubt themselves. They feel lazy. They run through the thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they have set out to do. This is a classic battle of the mind and body. What those who quit don’t realize is that exercising is easier than the alternative.

The alternative is stiffness. It is being weak and in pain. It is diabetes. It is heart disease. It is dying young. It is not have resilience. It is not being who you want to be.

Exercise is more than a physical practice. It is also a mental practice. Sticking to your training is part of your training. Overcoming the desire to be lazy and quit teaches mental toughness. It teaches you perseverance. You don’t need to have discipline to start training. You need to start training in order to develop your discipline.

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